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King Salmon
Ocean Coloration   -    Spawning Male

Blue-gray back with silvery sides. Small irregular shaped black spots on back, dorsal fin, and usually on both lobes of the tail. The gum line is black. Spawning adults lose their silvery bright coloration and take on a maroon to olive-brown color.

Coho Salmon
Ocean Coloration   -    Spawning Male
Greenish-blue back with silvery sides. Small black spots on the back, dorsal fin, and usually on the upper lobe of the tail only. The gum line is white to light gray. Spawning adults develop greenish-black heads with dark brown to maroon bodies.

Sockeye Salmon
Ocean Coloration   -    Spawning Male

Dark blue-black back with silvery sides. No distinct spots on back, dorsal fin, or tail. Spawning adults develop dull, green colored heads with brick red to scarlet bodies.

Chum Salmon
Ocean Coloration   -    Spawning Male

Dull gray backs with yellowish-silver sides. No distinct spots on back or tail. The pupil of the eye is nearly the same size as the entire eye. Spawning adults develop olive green coloration on the back with maroon sides covered with irregular dull red bars. Males exhibit many large, canine teeth.

Pink Salmon
Ocean Coloration   -    Spawning Male

Very large spots on the back with large, oval black blotches on both lobes of tail. Scales very small. Spawning adults take on a dull gray coloration on the back and upper sides with a creamy-white color below. Males develop a pronounced hump.

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